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Quick Reference: How To Nominate An Athletics Nova Scotia Provincial Record

1)  Identify the performance.
2)  Mail  the    nomination  form  to   the  Athletics  Nova  Scotia  office  or  email ( with the following information:

a. official copy of the  result  or  active  and  current  official webpage with official results
b. name of athlete(s),
c. athlete(s)’s date of birth including year of birth (a birth certificate will also be required if it is not already on file at the ANS office),
d. meet name and location, e.  date of performance,
f.  performance, g.   event,
h. and if applicable; wind information, hurdle heights, implement weights. i. Nominators contact information.

3) The nominator will be notified when the nomination is received.
4) The record will be considered “pending” for 30 days.
5)  If the record meets all criteria the record will be ratified after 30 days and a certificate will be mailed to the record holder and notification will be sent to the nominator.

Detailed Policies and Procedures for Athletics Nova Scotia Records
1) For purposes of records a person is considered Nova Scotian if he/she meets the following conditions at the time during which the record-establishing performance is achieved:
-    Is a resident of Nova Scotia and is a Canadian Citizen, Landed Immigrant or has Refugee status.
-    Is a resident outside of Canada but

is a Canadian citizen and
had either been a resident of Nova Scotia for a minimum of 188 days or was born in Nova Scotia and
is eligible to compete for the Canadian National Team and
has not last been a member of an Athletics Canada branch other than Nova Scotia.

-    resides in a province outside of Nova Scotia but

had either been a resident of Nova Scotia for a minimum of 188 days or was born in Nova Scotia, and
has been an athletic member of Athletics Nova Scotia and
has not last been a member of an Athletics Canada branch other than Nova Scotia and
is eligible to compete for the Canadian National Team.

2) A Nova Scotia Open Record represents the best performance established by anyone (Nova Scotian or non-Nova Scotian) on Nova Scotia soil.

3) An athlete’s age category is determined by his or her age as of December 31st of the year in which the competition takes place.

4)  No  performance  will be  accepted  as  a  Nova  Scotia  record  if it  was  achieved  in contravention of IAAF/ANS rules in force at the time at which the event was conducted or if the quality of officiating or equipment was not of a suitable standard as determined by  the  Athletics  Nova  Scotia  Records  Committee.  Applicants  shall  provide,  when requested  to  do so, details  concerning  officials  present  at  the  competition  and  the condition of the facilities and equipment in use. There is no limit to the period of retroactivity with respect to the voiding of a record. Athletics Nova Scotia will recognize performances set in facilities that do not meet strict IAAF requirements if the Records Committee deems no advantage was gained. Athletics Nova Scotia does accept performances set on oversized and irregular indoor tracks.

5) The affiliation of a record holder will be shown as the team, club or school that the athlete was registered with Athletics Nova Scotia at the time the record-breaking performance was achieved.

6) Relay records shall be kept in two categories: “Club/School” and “Composite”. When the “Club/School” record is superior to the composite record only the former shall be listed.To be eligible for a club /school record in a relay event, all members of the team must have  been  registered  with  the  ANS  under  the  same  club  name  or  been  enrolled  as students of the same school or university. In the case of school or university teams, the performance must have been achieved before the official closing of the school year. National, branch, regional or other teams composed of athletes from more than one club or school may establish “Composite” relay records provided all runners on the team are registered members of the parent organization.

7) Hand-timed performances in events of 400m or less will not be considered for ratification.

8)  Wind  information,  expressed  in  metres  per  second,  for  events  of  200m  or  less including hurdles and the long and triple jumps must be provided with the application. (Applicable to Outdoor Records only)."

9)  In  the  field  events  intermediate  results  within  the  same  competition  may  not  be claimed as records unless a superior performance is, for some reason, not acceptable as a record.

10)  In  the  throwing  events  the  ANS  Records  Committee  must  be  satisfied  that  the throwing implement used to establish the record was measured for mass, etc. by technical officials  at  the  competition.  In  hurdle  events,  the  ANS  Records Committee must  be satisfied that the hurdles were all at the appropriate heights for the age category and were checked by a qualified official.

11) In field events, the use of a fiberglass tape for measuring the distance or height will not disqualify a performance from consideration as a Nova Scotia record.

12) A copy of the birth certificate must be filed with the ANS office in case of age class records.

13) Performances which are listed as “pending” on the provincial records listings will be dropped if they cannot be ratified within three years of their establishment.

14) Notwithstanding IAAF Rule 148-6b, performances from competitions in which fewer than  three  competitors in  individual events or two  teams in  relay  events participated will be accepted provided that  the event  was arranged, sanctioned and advertised at least one week before the day on which the event took place.

15)  Performances  achieved  in  mixed  competitions  (male-female)  will  be  accepted  as records but such records will be specially annotated “mc” and will not replace records achieved  in  non-mixed  competitions  but  will  be  listed  in  addition  to  the  non-mixed records.

16) Records will only be kept in events designated as record events by Athletics Nova Scotia. Truly exceptional and record level performances in non-record events may be listed in an appendix at the end of the records book / web page.

17) Performances that would otherwise have qualified as records but are not eligible due to wind or hand timing may be listed as notable performances. In hand time events, the performance must be superior to the record by at least 0.24 seconds in order to be listed.

Pending Records
-    Records will be listed as “pending” for a minimum 30 days before being ratified.
-    During the period a record is pending, any information that may relate to the validity of performance will be considered. The burden of proof of validity rests with nominator for any pending record. Records will not be ratified if there is any reasonable doubt regarding its validity.
-    Questions  regarding  a  record’s  validity  will  be  considered  by  the  Records Committee.
-    If any questions regarding a record’s validity have not been satisfied at the end of the  30-day  period,  the  “pending”  status  will  be  extended  until  the  records committee rules on the record.

Rescinding Ratification
-    Records that have been ratified will only be rescinded if there is strong evidence suggesting it did not meet criteria to be considered a record. The burden of proof lies with those disputing the record.
-    Questions  regarding  a  record’s  validity  will  be  considered  by  the  records committee.

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