Field of Dreams #3

Field of Dream Series Meet 6  Location: Launch Pad, Port Williams, NS  Date: June 26, 2006  Weather: Partly Cloudy 24C           Surface Conditions: Wet  Women’s Discus (1 kg) 1. Nicole Larade (Jr)                      34.58m 2. Emma Duinker (Juv)                      27.43m 3. Alisha Caldwell (Mid)                   26.04m 4. Taya McGillvary (Juv)                   19.05m  Men’s Discus 1. Jared Baird (Juv) (1.5kg)               36.93m 2. Mitch Getson (Mid) (1kg)                28.22m  Women’s Javelin (600g) 1. Kelsey Best (Sr)                        37.37m 2. Emma Duinker (Juv)                      27.39m 3. Taya McGillvary (Juv)                   19.61m  Men’s Javelin 1. Jared Baird (Juv) (700g)                 56.00m SB 2. Mitch Getson (Mid) (600g)                32.94m  



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