Truro Throws Meet #3

The Truro Lions Throwers held a number of throws meets throughout the summer with the most recent ones held on July 22nd and July 29th. Results for these two meets are now available for viewing. Congratulations to Sarah Millman and Drew Erskine who established two new provincial records in the bantam division. Sarah threw 26.02m for the discus throw while Drew threw 10.83m in the shot put.

Truro Throws Meet #3  
June 22,2009 
NameCategoryWeightDistance (m)
Shot Put 
Peter MillmanMidget4kg13.27
Kayla GallagherMidget3kg12.09
Robert KennedyJuvenile5kg12.02
Nathan BurrisJuvenile5kg11.58
Greg HingleyJuvenile5kg10.26
Drew ErskineBantam3kg10.08
Seth LondonSenior7.26kg10.03
Kayli GaultJuvenile4kg9.62
Matt HingleyMidget4kg9.35
Nick GaultBantam3kg9.04
Sarah MillmanBantam3kg8.34
Erin PugsleyMidget3kg7.38
Gregory McCarthyPeeWee2kg5.83
Seth LondonJunior1.75kg45.78
Peter MillmanMidget1kg44.05
Nathan BurrisJuvenile1.5kg33.66
Greg HingleyJuvenile1.5kg31.86
Kayla GallagherMidget1kg30.96
Drew ErskineBantam1kg30.02
Kayli GaultJuvenile1kg29.96
Nick GaultBantam750g25.60
Robert KennedyJuvenile1.5kg24.23
Sarah MillmanBantam750g23.43
Kathy MacPhersonSenior1kg23.28
Matt HingleyMidget1kg21.89
Erin PugsleyMidget1kg18.19
Nathan BurrisJuvenile5kg41.06
Peter MillmanMidget4kg40.41
Matt HingleyMidget4kg30.28
Nick GaultBantam3kg28.15
Drew ErskineBantam3kg27.86
Sarah MillmanBantam3kg27.17
Kayli GaultJuvenile4kg26.93
Robert KennedyJuvenile5kg24.60
Greg HingleyJuvenile5kgX



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