Field of Dreams Final

Field of Dreams Final: Results      
Port Williams, Nova Scotia      
June 26, 2010: Weather: Showers in Morning - Partly Cloudy in Afternoon  22c      
Name Cateory Implement Distance
Adam Wolkins Senior 800g 68.51m
Chelsea Whalen Youth 600g 45.16m
Allie Poole Youth 600g 36.07m
Bridget Deveau Midget 600g 29.08m
Peter Millman Youth 1.5k 42.29m
Cameron McLennan Youth 1.5k 41.01m
Nathan Burris Youth 1.5k 40.64m
Greg Hingley Youth 1.5k 38.30m
Nicole Larade Senior 1k 38.10m
Robert Kennedy Youth 1.5k 35.71m
Kayla Gallagher Youth 1k 30.26m
Taylor Sturley Midget 1k 27.95m
Sarah Millman Midget 1k 27.30m
Andrew Gibson Bantam .75k 22.36m
Montana Forsyth Youth 1k 21.41m
Bridget Deveau Midget 1k 18.88m
Shot Put      
David Bambrick F-37 5k 9.91m
Sarah Millman Midget 3k 9.77m 
Bridget Deveau Midget 3k 9.46m 
Montana Forsyth Youth 4k 8.56m
Andrew Gibson Bantam 3k 8.48m
Robert Kennedy  Youth 5k 15.51m
Peter Millman Youth 5k 14.18m
Chelsea Whalen Junior 4k 13.16m
Greg Hingley Youth 5k 12.91m
Kayla Gallagher Youth 4k 11.48m
Taylor Stutely Midget 3k 11.29m
Nathan Burris Youth 5k ND
Nathan Burris Youth 5k 51.18m
Peter Millman Youth 5k 50.58m
Liz MacDonald Youth 4k *46.77m
Greg Hingley Youth 5k 37.48m
Robert Kennedy Youth 5k 30.60m
Sarah Millman Midget 3k 29.97m
Kayla Gallagher Youth 4k 27.22m
Montana Forsyth Youth 4k 16.60m
*46.77m NS Senior Record      



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