Field of Dreams Meet #1

Field of Dreams Meet #1
Location: Launch Pad, Port Williams
Date: Sunday May 1
Weather: 8C, Windy NE  22kms/hr
Name Category Weight Distance (m)
Jessica Bartlett Youth 600g 35.17
Sarah Colborne Midget 600g 33.48
Mariele Guerrero Youth 600g 28.54
Name Category Weight Distance (m)
Peter Millman Youth 1.5kg 50.62
Cameron MacLennan Junior 1.75kg 37.90
Kayla Gallagher Youth 1kg 36.97
Gregory McCarthy Bantam 750g 36.18
Robert Kennedy Junior 1.75kg 33.54
Gregory Hingley Junior 1.75kg 33.82
Taylor Stutley Midget 1kg 31.91
Sarah Millman Midget 1kg 31.29
Drew Erskine Midget 1kg 30.14
Sarah Colborne Midget 1kg 28.64
Montana Forsyth Youth 1kg 26.48
Andrew Gibson Midget 1kg 25.10
Jessica Colborne Bantam 750g 15.87
Shot Put      
Name Category Weight Distance (m)
Robert Kennedy Junior 4kg 13.33
Drew Erskine Midget 4kg 13.29
Taylor Stutley Midget 3kg 12.46
Gregory Hingley Junior 4kg 12.06
Kayla Gallagher Youth 3kg 11.17
Gregory McCarthy Bantam 4kg 10.80
Sarah Millman Midget 3kg 10.34
David Bambrick Para T-37 5kg 9.95
Mariele Guerrero Youth 3kg 9.93
Andrew Gibson Midget 4kg 9.01
Montana Forsyth Youth 3kg 8.86
Sarah Colborne Midget 3kg 8.54
Jessica Colborne Bantam 3kg 6.53
Name Category Weight Distance (m)
Peter Millman Youth 5kg 60.64
Elizabeth MacDonald Senior 4kg 47.41
Drew Erskine Midget 4kg 43.34
Kayla Gallagher Youth 4kg 39.31
Sarah Millman Midget 3kg 35.85
Montana Forsyth Youth 4kg 33.14
Sarah Colborne Midget 3kg 26.54
Gregory McCarthy Bantam 3kg 23.59



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