Our Constitution


Athletics Nova Scotia Bylaws

Objectives  of  the  Society

The  name  of  the  Society  is,  "Athletics  Nova  Scotia".  
The  objects  of  the  Society  are:  

  • To  promote,  encourage,  and  develop  the  widest  participation  and  the  highest  proficiency  in  Amateur  Athletics,  including  Track  &  Field,  Road  Running, Marathon,  Cross  Country Running  and  Race  Walking  in  Nova  Scotia  as  well  as  regulate  the  sport  of  Amateur  Athletics  in  Nova  Scotia. 
  • To  arrange  and  assist  in  the  arrangement  of  courses  of  instruction  for  coaches,  athletes,  officials,  or  other  interested  persons  in  matters  concerning  the  sport. 
  • To  promote  and  assist  in  the  promotion  of  provincial,  national  and  international  meets,  championships,  competitions,  demonstrations  and  other  events  in  connection  with  Athletics. 
  • In  conjunction  with  the  International  Amateur  Athletic  Federation  and  Athletics  Canada,  to  lay  down  and  enforce  rules  and  regulations  covering  all  aspects  of  Amateur  Athletics. 
  • To  develop,  select,  support,  and  manage  teams  of  Athletics  Nova  Scotia  athletes,  coaches  and  support  personal  to  represent  Nova  Scotia  effectively  in  National  and  International  competitions. 
  • To  assist  with  the  identification  and  development  of  Track  and  Field  facilities  and  courses  for Road Running,  Marathon,  Cross  Country  Running  and  Race  Walking  throughout  the  Province  of  Nova  Scotia and  in  particular,  to  ensure  that  suitable  facilities  are  available  for  the  hosting  of  Provincial  and  National  Championships  and  International  Mee

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Athletics Nova Scotia is a non-profit amateur sport governing body affiliated with Athletics Canada, and a member organization of Sport Nova Scotia.
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